Bank Details

Please transfer to us after you placed your ordered. Send us a screenshot of your prove to our Whatapps(+60126579103)
Account No: 162889046348
Acc Holder: Goh Jie Jing

Can I return my item?

No, you can’t. Due to the low price we offered, we unable allow any of our beloved customer to exchange. We will attached reviews if we able find. Purchase at your own risk.

Is your Cigars Authentic?


We only sell cigars that are 100% Authentic Real

Fake Cigars are not smokable! 

We can provide you the box authentication code upon request!

How do you ship the cigars to me?

We ship all orders received before 5:00 P.M. that same day/next day. All shipments are sent STANDARD SERVICE by Poslaju. This normally takes 2 to 5 days to reach you.

Do you ship international?

Not at the moment. We only ship within Malaysia.

How much are the shipping charges for my purchase?

Flat Rate shipping charges are only RM10. Total purchase above RM200 will entitled with free shipping

How do I track my shipped cigars so that I know when they will arrive?

After your order is placed, we will email you an order confirmation. Once we ship them, we will send you an email with the tracking number on it.

Are all cigars round?

NO. There are many different shapes, the most popular of which is the box-pressed cigar which is square shaped.

What is box-pressed?

A cigar, while fresh and moist, is actually pressed in a wood box and the pressure creates a perfectly square shaped cigar. The box-pressed cigars usually burn long and give a more flavorful taste.

Why is my cigar not burning evenly?

Uneven burning cigars are usually a result of poor lighting techniques. It can also result from very windy conditions where the cigar is being smoked. The poor lighting techniques can be avoided by following the lighting procedures above. If it is very windy where you are smoking the cigar, just face the opposite direction of the wind so that it blows from behind you. Sometimes one side burns faster than the other as a result of smoking the cigar too fast. Just put it down and let the longer side catch up with the other. Tap off the ash afterwards and draw on the cigar softly.

How do I revive my dried out cigars?

If your cigars are very dry, the process to restore them must be very slow in order to avoid excessive intake of moisture by the cigar. If you try to revive them too quickly they will inflate and explode. You will need a reliable hygrometer. Place them in your humidor or in a sealed container. Use a humidifier device or a sponge and put a little water (+/- a teaspoon) in it. Keep it closed. Every 24 hours you should put another teaspoon of water into the humidification system or the sponge. After you notice that they are back to life, keep them in a humidor. Never go under 65%, and don’t panic if RH goes up to 75%, but avoid going over this maximum. During this process, keep the container in the coolest place you have (but not your fridge!), away from light and heat.

How accurate is my hygrometer?

If it is an analog (dial-type) hygrometer, it’s next to useless. If you care anything about your cigars, you should own a good digital hygrometer.

Most digital hygrometers are accurate to +/-5-7% RH, which means the 70% reading on your display could translate to 65% to 75% in actual humidity in your humidor. Even if the manufacturer specifies your humidor is accurate to +/-5%, it doesn’t tell you the calibration of your particular hygrometer. A difference of 5% will make a big difference to your cigars, so you should calibrate your hygrometer annually.

*We have the best digital hygrometer in our store, if you not sure which of it, please contact us.

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